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#Strength in Unity

Through the melodious sounds of traditional Mayan musical instruments - drums, flutes, marimbas and whistles - one can sense the excited anticipation in Jenifer’s home. Her four children are eagerly awaiting their mother’s arrival because today, she will bring home a collection of used clothing newly purchased for her business. As soon as she arrives, her children will scurry over to get a glimpse of the treasures she has found while she organizes and prices her items. This is the story of our borrower Jenifer, a saleswoman from Guatemala, who took out a $600 GLOBE loan to help sustain and expand her business of selling used clothes.

We are the Global Loan Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs (GLOBE) student managers who dedicate your donated dollars to fulfill borrowers’ needs in impoverished communities around the world. Our motivation derives from a burning passion for helping people in developing countries feel financially empowered through micro-finance. With your donation, borrowers like Jenifer are able to build a business, the income from which enables her to feed her four kids and send them to school, and fulfills GLOBE’s mission of eradicating poverty, one loan at a time.

This year, our plea is a very special one - 2020 has brought with it unprecedented challenges. In the midst of the global pandemic, the U.S. national elections, and marked social unrest, we find ourselves focused on this idea of strength in unity. Through GLOBE, we unite in turning our attention to an even larger pressing issue than those currently plaguing our shores: Poverty. The poverty pandemic is in full effect, impacting people like our borrowers every day. As GLOBE managers, we believe that unity is the driving force behind making a meaningful difference, and that unity brings strength that, in turn, makes change possible. This semester is about shining a light on our borrowers and joining with others to ease their plight. And we ask for your help. Every dollar you donate directly supports a GLOBE entrepreneur. Through your donations, we have the opportunity to help empower and lift up our borrowers living in poverty.

Let GLOBE unite you to our borrowers turned entrepreneurs. Let your donation strengthen us in unity, even with people living halfway across the world. Let’s join together to take responsibility in playing a key role in structural change that ensures our borrowers a life freed from the chains of poverty. With your help, change is possible. May we count on you to unite with us and strengthen our stance against poverty?  

As a thank you to the first 100 donors, GLOBE will send you a limited edition facemask.

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