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This campaign ended on September 26, 2018, but you can still make a gift to St. John's University by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,875Just for Classes of 1969, 1979, 1994
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Today, we invite all St. John's alumni, parents, faculty, employees and friends to unite in supporting St. John's during our first-ever giving day - SJYOUGIVE, 1,870 Minutes of Giving.

Our goal is to secure 1,870 donors and you can get involved in two easy ways:

Be Counted
Make your gift.  Gifts of all sizes to the University count and every gift makes a difference!

Be an Advocate

Join the SJYOUCrew and help spread the word with #SJYOUGIVE. You can earn prizes for sharing SJYOUGIVE with your social networks using the Advocate toolkit.  So, get involved and encourage your friends to join you in making a gift.  The more you share, the greater the impact!                                                                                                                          

SJYOUGIVE is St. John’s inaugural giving day – a 31-hour campaign where St. John’s alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends are encouraged to participate by making a gift.  SJYOUGIVE takes place during Founder's Week, a time where we reflect upon and recommit to our Vincentian heritage. In honor of the year of our founding, the goal is to inspire 1,870 alumni to unite and support the area of the University that matters most to you.

Follow the example set by St. Vincent de Paul and celebrate the opportunity to help those in need by uniting with your fellow alumni and make an impact for current and future generations of St. John’s students.  Together, we can help ensure they have the scholarships, facilities, and research opportunities to ensure their success.

Want to know more about SJYOUGIVE? Click here for FAQs.

Choose your SJYOUGIVE Challenge 

To celebrate St. John's first-ever giving day, there is an additional $75,000 that can be unlocked thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. Help us reach our goal of 1,870 donors and secure each of the challenges below. Make your gift, challenge your friends and share why you wanted to #SJYOUGIVE. 

Early Bird/First Gift Challenge - Closes 12:01 p.m. on 9/25    

The college or unit that gets the first gift made after noon on September 25 wins this challenge and unlocks $3,740 in challenge money for their unit. Winner - College of Professional Studies

1870 Employee Participation Challenge - Closes 4 p.m. on 9/25   

Make your gift between noon and 4 p.m. during our on-campus kick-off event. The college or unit that gets the most participation from faculty and employees unlocks $5,000 in challenge money.  Winner - Tobin College of Business  

Recent Grad/GOLD Challenge - Closes Midnight on 9/25        

Did you graduate in the last 10 years? This challenge is for you! If 187 alumni from the Classes of 2009 - 2018 make a gift between 6 p.m. and Midnight you will unlock $10,000 in challenge money for the SGI Scholarship.

Advocate Challenge - Closes 5:33 p.m. on 9/26 (with 87 minutes left to SJYOUGIVE)   

For all you social media gurus...make your gift go viral and you could win! Share directly from the main SJYOUGIVE page to track how many clicks and gifts you generate. The advocate with the most reach unlocks $1,870 in challenge money for their unit of choice.

Randomly Selected #Post - Closes 6 p.m. on 9/26          

Help spread the word by using our hashtag - #SJYOUGIVE and your post could be randomly selected to unlock challenge funds for your favorite unit. Four randomly selected winners will receive a St. John's sweatshirt and the "Best Post" of the day unlocks $1,870 in challenge money for their favorite unit, plus receives a St. John's sweatshirt.

Last Gift - Closes 6:59 p.m. on 9/26          

SJYOUGIVE is almost over. Watch your clock to be the last gift of the day before the campaign ends at 7 p.m. on September 26 and unlock $3,740 in challenge money for the unit you support.

1870 Employee Challenge - All Day (31 hours)       

Be the 87th St. John's faculty or employee to make a gift and unlock $1,870 in challenge money for the fund of your choice.

1,870th Gift - All Day (31 hours)                      

In honor of the year St. John's was founded, the person who makes the 1,870th gift unlocks $1,870 in challenge money for the unit they support.

Milestone Challenges - All Day (31 hours)                                                                                         

Help us reach our goal of 1,870 donors during 1,870 Minutes of Giving in honor of our founding year and unlock challenge money as milestones are hit. Make your gift, challenge and encourage your friends to participate! We need YOU to SJYOUGIVE today!

187 Donors in 187 Minutes - Unlocked       

Help us reach this milestone during the first three hours of SJYOUGIVE to unlock $1,870 in challenge money.                   

360 Donors in 360 Minutes - Unlocked       

Reaching a milestone of 360 donors in the first six hours enables us to unlock $3,600 in challenge money.

720 Donors in 720 Minutes - Closes Midnight on 9/25          

Let's close out the night strong by reaching 720 donors during the first 12 hours to unlock $7,200 in challenge money. 

1,440 Donors in 1,440 Minutes - Closes Noon on 9/26           

Help us secure this challenge. Click "Give Now" to make your gift and encourage others to join you. Reaching this milestone will unlock $14,400.

1,870 Donors in 1,870 Minutes - Closes 7 p.m. on 9/26     

To inspire us to reach our goal, there is $18,700 in challenge money that can be secured. Let's take advantage of this great opportunity to make an even bigger impact for current and future generations of St. John's students.


Thank you all for supporting St. John's students during SJYOUGIVE. We are pleased to announce the winners of our challenges:

Maura Woods - Top Advocate

Amanda Horvat - Best social media post

Pamela Fitton - Last gift

2032 days ago by Donald McKay

We just reached the 720 donor milestone. Thanks to everyone who has participated!  There's still time to give. Gifts of any amount to any fund count and will help impact the lives of St. John's students. If you haven't yet participated, please make your gift now!

2033 days ago by Heather Varian

Exciting Update - A generous anonymous alumni couple has made a $100,000 gift. Thanks to everyone's support thus far, we have raised a total of $231,004. But there's more we can do. Let's keep the momentum going so we can reach our goal of 1,870 donors by 7 p.m. tonight!

2033 days ago by Heather Varian

Another challenge unlocked - We just reached our 360 donor milestone. Thanks to your support we were able to secure the $3,600 challenge gift from an anonymous donor.

Let's see what more we can do for St. John's students.

2034 days ago by Heather Varian

Good news - we reached our 187 donor milestone!  Thanks to your support we were able to secure the $1,870 challenge gift from an anonymous donor.

Let's keep the momentum going!

2034 days ago by Heather Varian

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