SGI Senior Scholarship 2016-17

This campaign ended on May 21, 2017, but you can still make a gift to St. John's University by clicking here!

The Student Government, Inc. Senior Scholarship was originally created in 2012 as an initiative enacted by the Senior Senator and Senior class. In doing so, it replaced the yearly class gift and goes back to our Vincentian roots that are planted in our University. It is with the donations that are given by students, alumni, faculty, family, and friends that we are able to lend more support to St. John’s current students before they leave.

In the past four years alone we have been able to fundraise and award close to $100,000 to our Johnnies. Senior Scholarship winners are selected by a board comprised of SGI members that look at each applicant’s academic excellence, financial need, and contributions to the St. John’s community. While over one hundred rising senior students apply for this award, it is based on the aforementioned criteria that it is ensured that our best and strongest Johnnies are awarded for their dedication to our community.

 It is through the work of this campaign that Student Government, Inc. continues to show support for their students, and ensures that students are able to finish out their college education. It is the goal that through the support we are giving to these students, we will be able to continue to boost pride associated with being a St. John’s graduate, while encouraging our students and alumni to give back to the community that has given so much to them. St. John’s University creates countless opportunities for students and Student Government, Inc. along with your help, would like to ensure that these opportunities remain available for all students.

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22% Alumni

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69% Students

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6% Parents

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6% Friends

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Melissa neumann
Natasha Moses
Jairo jativa
Chelsea Tarver
Richard Jennings
Michael Etzel
Taylor thomson
Cecilena Sosa
Cody Olszewski
Brittany Adams
Amanda Medina
Jessica Alvarez
Daisy Tobar
James Holson
Luke Antoine
Amanda Ramdehol
Yovanna Roa Reyes

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