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This scholarship is in honor of Ms. Maya Babayev, a fourth-year Doctor of Pharmacy Student who tragically passed away in the 2020 Spring Semester. Maya had a positive impact on everyone she encountered throughout her life.  The following are three of those perspectives:

Nicole Babayev, Friend and Classmate:

Maya was just shy in successfully completing her fourth year of pharmacy school at St. John’s University when she passed. At any glance, nobody could ever tell that she was in fact continuously fighting a tremendous battle. However, regardless of the hardships she had to face, academia was always her top priority. On the day that Maya passed, she was scheduled to take her CardioRenal II Drugs and Disease Midterm while being hospitalized. Due to her circumstances, Maya could have postponed the exam for a later date, but she chose not to, because that would have gone against her character. She had an eternal optimism and determination to get well and succeed academically. Maya was always genuine and extremely down to earth. The cup was always half-full in her eyes. She had a mesmerizing smile that stretched from ear to ear and a contagious laugh that made everyone around her laugh even harder. Maya was very humble, determined, compassionate, courageous, and always radiated positivity. She was a role model to her entire family and friends and showcased the significance of living life to the fullest and never letting anything get in between her and her goals. Maya’s aspirations included attaining her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from St. John’s University, pursuing a residency, and starting a family. Her dream job was to become a clinical pharmacist, specializing in oncology and working in Memorial Sloan Kettering. She was an incredible daughter, outstanding sister, and a remarkable friend. Maya was taken extremely early and this endowed scholarship will continue her legacy and memory. 

 The Babayev Family:

Maya was the eldest child in her family and had a special love for everyone, especially her siblings, David, Jacob, and Rebecca. She grew up as a happy, caring, generous, selfless, supportive, and beautiful person. Although she was quiet and shy around people, she magnetically pulled everyone close to her because she was full of love and happiness. She had a calm demeanor that everyone around her loved. She had a special bond with her family and was actively involved in all aspects of her family life. Since childhood, she had a passion for drawing and writing. She was strong and determined, participating in many activities such as swimming, karate, gymnastics, ice skating, played piano and flute. She loved to travel and appreciate the beautiful nature and exotic places. Academically, she strived to be an exemplary student by working hard and displaying a ‘never give up’ attitude. When faced with different obstacles, whether school, health, or family related, she was masterful at hiding her negative emotions and keeping her head up high, displaying her beautiful tantalizing smile. Maya never complained and always saw things in a positive way, even when faced with tough choices. Her main passion in life remained her academics, her ability to learn, to gain more knowledge and to share it with others. Although many of her accomplishments did not come with ease, she absorbed the stressful times and overcame many challenges like a true fighter. Maya valued the friendships she formed during her academic days and enjoyed having their company in her home. She had the kindest and softest soul, a person of few words but every word she did speak, always brought a smile to everyone’s face. 

Dr. Etzel, Mentor and Advisor:

Maya was a first-generation college student who was extremely dedicated to her studies and enjoyed her time as a St. John’s student, having formed numerous friendships over the four years. Despite having experienced many personal challenges, Maya persevered through her obstacles, determined to complete her degree and graduate with her classmates. Reluctant to take time off from her studies, Maya continued to study and complete her assignments and exams till the last day when she, unfortunately and unexpectedly, succumbed to her illness. Maya’s kindness, determination, and strength served as an inspiration for her classmates, faculty, and administrators alike. This memorial scholarship is intended to honor Maya and her passion for the pharmacy profession. 

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