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GLOBE needs YOUR help in the fight against poverty!

A little bit about us…

GLOBE (Global Loan Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs) is a student-managed, academic program that provides loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world while educating its students about the power of microcredit in helping to alleviate poverty. GLOBE’s mission is to “contribute to the alleviation of poverty within our lifetimes starting here at St. John’s”.

Our goals….

This year, GLOBE is focusing on raising awareness for its women borrowers, who make up nearly 84% of our borrower portfolio. Through a GLOBE loan, women borrowers living in poverty are empowered to improve their lives and the lives of their families with the income generated from their small businesses. Deemed “unbankable” by traditional banks, our GLOBE borrowers now have the means necessary to end the inter-generational cycle of poverty, develop their entrepreneurial talent, and have a stronger voice in their homes and communities.

GLOBE is proud to empower women to accomplish their goals through not only the provision of micro-credit, but also by educating them on health care and financial literacy, which contributes to higher success rates in repaying their loans.

Our borrowers…

GLOBE women borrowers show great resiliency in the face of personal setbacks -- women such as the community in Concepcion, Iloilo the Philippines, who opened up convenience stores with their GLOBE loans after a devastating typhoon wiped out the livelihoods of their husband fishermen; and, our woman borrower in Nicaragua who raises her own children as well as those orphaned by personal tragedy in her family, with the help of a GLOBE-funded business. Hailing from six countries on three continents, these women are able to take out a micro loan that teaches them valuable skills such as how to budget, invest, and manage their money. It also allows them to give back to their community since the small interest fees repaid with the loan are invested in community development, such as purchasing books for the primary school or needed medical supplies.

Many of our women borrowers are single mothers and caretakers of aging parents.  They are bakers and cooks, shopkeepers and artisans, farmers and seamstresses.  Their stories are heartwarming and they always express such joy in their appreciation of GLOBE in transforming their lives.  

We need your help…

Every loan we provide to our borrowers is sourced through donations. We ask for you to join us in the fight against poverty by donating to this campaign and raising the voices of women around the world through a GLOBE loan. Partner with us! Together we can make a change in the world one loan at a time!

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