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Olive is a working mother in the bustling city of Manila, the Philippines. She worked really hard to provide for her 8 children. Three of her youngest children were under the care of the Daughters of Charity because her meager finances didn’t allow for their care. With so much responsibility and so little option to provide a better life for her family, she decided to open a food stand working from home. She planned to sell meat patties and was determined to sacrifice much in order to prepare her products very early in the morning for sale. Her dream was to be able to have all her children living with her. She was very close to her dream of a better life becoming a reality but she needed financial support to convert her dream into reality. That is where we, as a GLOBE family, come into the picture. We invest in our borrowers’ dreams and vision, and support their efforts. We backed up Olive's vision with a one small loan, which not only helped her start her own business but gave her the means to be able to take care of all her kids and provide them with better living standards. The Power of One harnesses the power of many.

Olive’s story is one of the many that we have to share. We are GLOBE (Global Loan Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs), and our mission is to help entrepreneurs in developing countries by giving them the opportunity to start and develop their businesses, and follow their dreams. Many of the people we help are women with families, workers in vulnerable communities, and young students who otherwise would not have the resources to ignite their own entrepreneurial spirit. With one donation from people like you, we can keep working towards our goal of alleviating poverty within our lifetimes, one loan at a time. The Power of One realizes the goals of many.

Jack Kemp once said: “The power of one man or one woman doing the right thing for the right reason, and at the right time, is the greatest influence in our society.” Your one gesture of support leaves a lasting impact in our GLOBE communities. It is thanks to one single person that today we have become many. It is incredible to witness the impact one loan can have in the world. It gives life to the entrepreneurs’ passion, improves their livelihood, strengthens their family bond, and uplifts their community. The Power of One creates a better society.

Olive started with one loan. She opened her business, grew financially, and now has her children back at home with her. Not only did that decision affect her life, but it changed the lives of all her children. One single decision has the power to create change in the world, right now and for the future. GLOBE itself started with one small decision, one donation, and one loan thirteen years ago, and now supports over 200 borrowers in 6 countries, working with nearly 500 students over the years. That is why every single donation counts. Donating what you pay for a pair of sneakers can help one entrepreneur buy tools, machinery, or raw materials to enhance their business.  Join us in our mission of celebrating the one step forward that our borrowers took to reach out to us, the one decision you made to be the change you want to see in the world, and the one loan that makes a dream come true.  Use your #PowerOfOne, and support GLOBE today!

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