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Students Changing the World, One Loan at a Time!

In a world far away from your computer screen live our borrowers. They survive dire circumstances, in the margins of society, living on a mere dollar or two per day. They are far from our sight, but close to our hearts. They are the poorest of the poor, the forgotten ones.

This is where GLOBE comes in. Here at GLOBE, our mission is “to eradicate poverty within our lifetime”. It may sound like a lofty goal, but we sincerely believe we can do it --with your help!

GLOBE (Global Loan Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs), a student-managed microloan program here at St. John’s, provides loans -- sourced entirely through donations -- to entrepreneurs in the developing world. We have borrowers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. New and hopeful borrowers await us in the Philippines and Guatemala. Help us to reach them!

GLOBE hands out small loans that have a big impact in the lives of our borrowers, bringing them to the first rung of the ladder that will let them climb out of poverty. Since GLOBE’s launch in 2009, we have approved loans benefitting 94 borrowers, mostly women. Donations allow GLOBE to continue providing loans to those living in poverty, and to continue sending GLOBE student managers into the field to see the face of poverty first-hand and help our borrowers meet their business challenges! Our video demonstrates how your donation impacts our borrowers and our students.

In honor of our 94 borrowers, we are asking for your help for our #94globeborrowers campaign, the first student group-led campaign on GiveCampus. We need 94 donors to help us continue our mission. Every gift matters. One dollar matches the income from a whole day’s work for one of our borrowers. And each gift goes a long way in empowering our borrowers.

Take Maria in Nicaragua as an example -- with a $500 loan, she opened up her own school and crafts supply store in Managua. With her new income she is able to send her children to school. Your donation, large or small, will make a world of difference to someone and will bring us one step closer to our goal of changing the face of global poverty forever. Please join us!

Make a donation to GLOBE today!

DOUBLING OUR GOAL!! See the Challenge!

You are all amazing!!! THANK YOU!! We reached our campaign goal in one week!! This is great news, and we WILL be fully funded.

BUT WE DON'T WANT TO STOP THERE!! With only 5% of the demand for micro-credit being met in the world, GLOBE seeks to bring this campaign to its APRIL 30th Grand Finale with a total of 188 or more donors, doubling our campaign goal and addressing dire need for those living in poverty.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you have already donated, now is the time to share the news with as many friends and family as you can! Make a personal plea! Become an advocate!!

Please see my challenge - I will double my initial $100 donation with another $100 if we begin NOW to double our donor goal. AND IT STARTS TODAY!

With our GLOBE Mixer tonight, getting 20 new donors in the next 24 hours should be a breeze. Looking especially for GLOBE Managers to step up! Support the program you love! Bring your credit card to the Mixer and be part of the team.

Looking forward to seeing you all! 

3326 days ago by GLOBE
Making our Goal by the GLOBE Mixer and MORE!

Loving thanks to all of our GLOBE donors, advocates and friends who have clicked on our campaign page!!

We want to meet our goal by the start of our GLOBE Mixer on 4-10. 

That's 35 new donors! And the campaign could double our goal by 4-30!

Keep posted for my special CHALLENGE coming soon!!!

SHARE! ADVOCATE! And we will make it!!!

3330 days ago by GLOBE
50% by Easter

A huge THANK YOU to all the people that have donated so far.

We need 4 more donors to get to 50%.
We hope to get to 50% by tomorrow, 4-5-15, please help us get there by sharing and continuing to advocate ! 

3332 days ago by GLOBE

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