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Welcome to our campaign for GLOBE ! Our video features the GLOBE student managers who join the ranks of hundreds of GLOBE managers over the last 10 years, working tirelessly to achieve the GLOBE mission of alleviating poverty within our lifetimes! Whether in the classroom or in the field, GLOBE managers strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our borrowers.

2018 marks the 10th year of GLOBE, celebrating 10 years of…

Excellence, Women’s empowerment, Friendships, Entrepreneurship, Poverty alleviation, Helping others, Giving back, Kindness and Compassion.

Help GLOBE fund 10 more years of…

Cultivation, Progression, Improvements, Go-getters, Cultural awareness, Vision, Creativity, Innovation, and GLOBE managers changing the world, one loan at a time….

...by donating TODAY!

Your donation, large or small, can contribute to a loan for a prospective GLOBE borrower to start or expand a business. Without the help of digital donors like yourself, it would be impossible to impact all the individuals in the many communities within the six countries where we operate.

As caring GLOBE managers, we seek to improve the GLOBE program, raise funds and visibility, recommend new loans, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty. Humbled by all the managers who have come before us and confident in the future of GLOBE, we are reaching out to you in order to help us sustain our momentum and keep our microfinance program thriving.

We can’t do this alone. Share this link with your friends and family, and donate 10 cents, $1, $10, $100 – any amount is welcome – as you join us in celebrating 10 years of GLOBE!

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